V Law Solutions is a website by Mr. Vishal V. Lanjekar, who is an Advocate for leading Co-operative Banks in Maharashtra as well as Authorized Service Provider (ASP) for Leave and License Agreement e-Registration. E-Registration is a part of an initiative of Stamps and Registration Department, Government of Maharashtra.
V Law Solutions now associated with top leading advocate of each and every field to become one stop solution to all legal problems our clients might have.

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Why Us

  • Dedicated to Protect interest of our clients.
  • Focusing on Housing Society, Credit Society, Banks, SME’s, Individuals,
    Families to protect their rights and interest.
  • We pride ourselves because we provide high quality services to our clients.
  • We devote our personal attention to our client matters for better results.
  • Unexpected legal issues can often result in stress, paperwork and uncertainty. We handle stressful legal situation on your behalf while you turn your attention back to what it is important to you.
  • Our newly started E-registration services helps citizen without going to Sub-register office and get their leave and license agreement registered even on Holiday within 10-15 minutes.


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