Does stamp duty or registration fee depend upon the type or location of the property?

It differs from State to State. The stamp duty in Maharashtra is calculated on the basis of the location of the property such as under a municipality or under a panchayat. Registration fee is independent of the type or location of the property.

Can documents relating to the immovable property situated in one city be registered in a different city?

NO. It can not be done because as per Registration Act, 1908 documents are required to be presented for registration in the office of sub-registrar office within whose juridification in the property or a portion of property is situated.

What is the mode of payment of stamp duty?

Stamp duty can be paid by number of ways such as online through e-stamping, execution on non- judicial stamp paper, and franking.

What is e-stamping?

E-stamping is a computer based application and a secure way of paying Non-judicial stamp duty to the Government.

What is the difference between e-stamp paper and non-judicial stamp paper?

e-Stamp is the payment of stamp duty directly online on the website of State Government while non-judicial stamp paper is the physical stamp paper upon which the document is executes and which may be bought from registered vendors by paying the value of stamp.

What are benefits of e-stamping?
  • e-stamp Certificate can be generated within minutes
  • e-stamp Certificate is tamper proof
  • Authenticity of the e-stamp certificate can be checked through the inquiry module
  • e-Stamp Certificate has Unique Identification Number (UIN)
  • Specific documentation is not required
Who is ASP?

“ASP” means an ‘Authorized Service Provider’. It is a person or organisation (including employees of the organisation) who is authorized by the Department to provide services of e-Registration for Leave & License Agreement.

What are benefits of e-Registration?

The Benefits of e-Registration are as follows

  • No need to visit Sub Registrar offices
  • Documents may be submitted 24 × 7 as per citizen’s convenience
  • Saves time and energy of citizen
  • Efficient and transparent services
  • It is not necessary for all parties to the document to be present at one time and at one place

How to pay Stamp Duty and Registration fees?

Stamp duty and registration will be paid online by Digital Services. Client will receive e-challan end of the registration.

Can I upload my Leave and License agreement to the government agency to get it registered?

No this can’t be done. There is no upload facility. All the process in e-Registration is online there is no paper work involved.